We are a high quality management consultancy agency in the field of procurement and logistics (Procurement).
Our vision: "Procurement is the shortest way to realize your savings potential and your cuts".
Our mission: the structural and integral management of all purchasing and logistics processes with the objective of providing the highest possible efficiency of the primary process of your organization. A good return is mainly determined by the difference between income, internal costs and expenses.

For who?
Progressive public and private organizations, for who Procurement belongs absolutely to the primary process

What do we do?
Our professionals are like no other aware that procurement plays a crucial role in the results of your organization.
Our focus is on expenses and therefore, how paradoxical that may sound, we can save a lot of money for you.

How do we do that?
We are specialized in all common Procurement disciplines such as procurement, purchasing process management, procurement and logistic solutions.
We are going to optimize your processes by using a simple Procurement training concept. A comprehensive approach, which gives a solid foundation at your procurement process and which gets more out of your procurement and logistics. You instantly have a purchasing professional who understands the job. Who knows that purchasing is collaboration, who transforms cost items into profit.

Our activities range from professional development (training and coaching), advising and contracting staf, to the actual purchasing activities, the implementation of the agreements as well as the contract settlement.
We conduct quantitative and qualitative scans in order to realize a structural improvement of results.

Why would you choose us?
Our colleagues also deliver good results. However, we distinguish ourselves by consciously choosing a Procurement training concept whereby we professionalize your procurement and logistics processes in a simple way. We have deliberately chosen for the concept of "training on the job" where we give practical training to your employees, so that they can handle a future question without external help.

What we expect from you?
Based on your needs, we first analyze your wishes and objectives. Together with you we determine which activities we carry out for your organization and what the costs will be. So you will not be surprised with unexpected costs. You should demand that we never cost more than that we earn for you. Otherwise you can better do it yourself.


Johan Johan van Loenhout

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