Public Sector

Kaspermann Procurement Solutions as Procurement Specalist

For innovative public organizations, with focus on legitimate and efficient procurement.

We transform the European and Dutch laws and regulations and the (political) priorities and principles of your organization to an understandable procurement policy and procedure with unique documents and a working method usable by your entire company.

Basis of a professional and legitimate policy and ruling are equal opportunities for local/regional entrepreneurs and a reduction in administration.

For all our activities we are used to work with the European directives 2004/18/EC (public procurement) and 2004/17/EC (utilities), the WIRA, the proportionality and the public procurement guide 2012 (01-04-13).

For your procurement we assume a propre and unique procurement process in which we challenge providers by funtional specification to perform optimally at an attractive rate.



Procurement Process

1. Determination of the need - Input contractmanagement (purchase message) - Actual situation and existing contracts - Possibilities for clustering and/or cooperation - Budget and cost estimation

2. Organization of the procurement process - goals - planning-milestones-decision making - composition project group

3. Drafting program of requirements on main lines - technical specification - functional specification

4. Market analysis and determination of purchase strategy - Procedure of procurement and contracts - Division into departments - Kraljic analysis

5. Consultation of the market - Invitation of the parties - Keys requirements package - Developments of the market

6. Final drafting of the requirements package - Technical and functional requirements - Comply with current market developments

7. Composition of the selection criteria and authorisation criteria - Preparation of draft contract

8. Drafting the technical specifications, the evaluation procedure and the announcement

9. Questions and information

10. Opening and reviewing the inscriptions

11. Grant, reject and contract

12. Implementation / Contractmanagement


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