Private Sector

Kaspermann Procurement Solutions as Materials Management specialist

For progressive organizations, which have prominently placed materials management in the Management team and therefore confirm its importance.

By analyzing your materials management processes (procurement and logistics), we professionalize your procurement and logistics processes in order to realize the lowest total cost of ownership (tco) and/or to optimize the Return on investment (Roi).

Based on this analysis, we create a management report which clearly shows how we reduce costs for your organization on short-, medium- and long term.

In these reports we suggest activities to realize this cost reduction as well as to cash it.

Kaspermann Procurement Solutions as tendermanager

For every entrepreneur who wants to work for a government organization or a colleague entrepreneur but finds it is hard to make a good quote.
You would like to work for the (local) government or for the (regional) industry but there are all kinds of obstacles in your way. We will take these obstacles away.

We make you understand the purchasing method of the government and of the industry. In addition, we have extensive experience in finding tenders.

Because we think like buyers, we are able to give you a quick analysis of tender documents, specifications and quote requests and therefore give you a substantiated advice about your opportunities.

We help you through the whole procedure from making the quotation to the license, the contract and the implementation of the work.

Should it happen that it would not lead to a command then we support you in any objection period, especially if you do not agree with the decision and wants to take further steps.

We support you through the process of creating a recognizable tender or quotation that does justice to your company philosophy and which you can fully defend.
It is YOUR quote and not ours.


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